Recruiters among least trusted professionals in the UK

Recruiters are among the least trusted professionals in the UK – ranking as less favourable than debt collectors or salespeople.

The research, conducted by GAP insurance brokers ALA, asked respondents to rank a range of professions on a trust scale of one to ten, with one being the least trustworthy and ten being the most trustworthy.

Recruiters managed to score an average of just 3.18, which meant they ranked as the third least trusted profession. The only job titles to score lower were politicians and car dealership salespeople.

And it seems this lack of trust could be having an impact on the industry. Over a quarter (26%) of those who had used a recruitment agency to find work believed the firm were only interested in picking up a fee, according to research from Feefo.

In the poll, under half (46%) of the respondents described a recruitment agency they previously used as helpful and understanding, whilst seven in ten (70%) believed the industry could be better at ‘understanding their requirements’ and avoiding time-wasting.

And recent research from Any Good? suggested that many businesses think recruiters are not doing a good enough job because they are failing to put forward appropriate candidates.

Juliet Eccleston, Co-Founder of AnyGood?, warned that the recruitment industry needs to evolve and improve in order to remain a valuable service. “There’s a significant amount of wastage in the hiring process at the moment that has huge potential to be damaging for an employer’s brand positioning, competitive reputation and bottom line results,” she said.

Bennett Staff perspective:  is that we are true to our word we deliver value for money and never promise anything we cannot deliver. Our service is completely transparent, we don’t have high staff turnover. All staff have longevity like our business.

We find this article very damaging for a well established independent business who is trying to keep local people in local jobs.  Our values have and will always remain customer focused.

Competition in any market is tough but within in our industry it can be the rogue traders that do us good ones damage. Throughout the years we have weathered two very bad recessions, come through a very rough patch in terms of falling short of our liabilities, but we never let that deter us we remain true paid our workers each week on time and provided exceptional customer service to our clients. Not one candidate or client knew that we had a difficult few years, we are strong and still here to tell the tale. If anything we are that robust in our approach we are stronger.

Getting new business is tough but like anything if you are that determined and can demonstrate that you are good at what you do, it will come to you. On the other side of the coin we also turn work down, there is no point in doing business that will put you out of business.

Changing times, we agree to a certain degree that technology is key and with the world of internet Recruitment is faster. Gone are the days when you could just ring up for a receptionist to start today. Legislation has took over. But one thing is for sure, our focus has and will always remain the same interviewing candidates face to face, getting references, testing and ID checking, making quality control calls. Being here when a client needs you. This is us, how do we know because we ask, we have been voted by an independent judging panel that we are good at what we do!

Staff enjoy working here, most with over 15 years service. We take things personally if we get it wrong, we try our utmost best to get the match right, if we do get it wrong we hold are hands up and sort it, we don’t brush it under the carpet.

Our business has been trading for over 60 years and we plan to be here for at least another 60……