Whilst on lock down all of our staff have limited or no work to carry out, but one thing they have done is reflect on how it is. We share Joanne’s blog, take care and keep safe everyone.

We are all, very rightly, scared right now. Its the fear that’s keeping us inside and forfeiting us seeing our friends and family, in the hope and belief that we are securing our future. Coronovirus is devastating the whole world and commerce everyone has come to a halt. From whats been reported on social media it seems that this time in isolation has given us breathing space, to think about the things in life that are important to us. And from this reflection, we can develop plans for our tomorrows and how we can come out of this more appreciative, stronger in all aspects of our lives.

Once we return to work, we will be united in almost “starting from scratch” Business will be keen to work together to build an even stronger economy and may be we will see a new generation of manufacturing opportunities that have been long forgotten over the years.

The future can be bright if we want it, with planning and development, and Britain will be stronger.

Thanks for reading……