No doubt business will be certainly up and down for most during the start of this year, and we are likely to have more personal time then we ever could have dream’t of.

At Bennett’s we are currently working in two split bubbles to help cover the needs of our business, not effecting our service to our clients or our candidates.

Outside this new working routine, there is an opportunity for us all that probably won’t come around again if ever.  That is the opportunity for self-improvement.  Widely talked about but rarely do we actually (properly) do anything about self-improvement, well for a sustainable period of time any way (possibly speaking from my own experience more than anything)!

Over the last month well actually the last 18 days, I have decided to make some important life changes, mainly all health related, as this is where I feel I need to improve the most.  So as of very recently, I have quit smoking after almost 20 years of various failed attempts and I now feel 100% I have cracked it, and this will be the catalyst of a healthier lifestyle to follow.

I am lucky that my wife and son are supportive, but this has actually given them the motivation to also start living healthier, which has included watching what we eat, going out for family walks more, online Peloton workout classes and in turn spending more quality time with each other.

So, I suppose after almost a year for most of us in some form of lockdown, now could be the time to change that thing you’ve always wanted too, and don’t let this unexpected opportunity pass you by!

I know it’s only 18 days in which is only the start, but already I personally feel better than I have in years, my relationship with my wife and son is better than ever and my mind is clear to tackle my work and whatever is next.

Stay safe & stay healthy!!


Robbie Harrison

Operations Director

Bennett Staff