I greeted the first lockdown with apprehension. I was scared to go out, even to get necessities, but i soon learnt. Click and collect is so much easier and as efficient, once you know what to ask for.

The weather helped at the beginning, soaking up the sun and listening to webinars. I looked forward to meeting with family members on a rota.

#Lockdown 3 has a different feel, the dark cold nights don’t help.

Getting out for crisp walks with my husband have helped clear the mind. (kids and grandkids aren’t as eager to go out in the rain)

Money and possessions are nothing without family and friends. I cannot believe how much we took for granted being able to meet up or plan a weekend together.

Friday nights with my family and sleepovers seem to be a thing of the past, but we do find time to do zoom quizzes every week which is fun.

I cannot imagine how amazing going on holiday or even a night away will feel.

Now the vaccine is underway, and people are doing the right thing and staying home, i am looking forward to being more than just a FaceTime nana and mum.

Better times are on there way…….