May Update….. another month has gone and the lockdown is easing, the Government’s roadmap is tentative and could change at any time.  We have noticed a huge increase in demand for staff, so we know that employees are allowed to leave their home office and return to their workplace. Still with very strict covid restrictions and many clients are undertaking Lateral flow testing for piece of mind.

As we have said previously, our role of recruiters is challenging enough, without the stress of not being with our work colleagues. As with any sales office, its about the buzz, the banter, the excitement of bringing on a new client or placing a candidate into work, we all need personal interaction. Our teams are still split in to bubbles, however we have decided to work as a full team one day a week from May. We are so looking forward to being together as a team again, as virtual meetings are great but hey we all need the buzz and laughter back in our lives. We will be following our Health and Safety risk assessment guidelines and our office door still remains closed to the general public.

The newly adapted systems are working extremely well. We will continue to do this until such time our office door can open. We look forward to welcoming you back into the office for a friendly chat.

In the meantime, our phone lines are open Monday to Friday 8.30-5.30 pm and you can reach our team via email or the out of office mobile.

Keep safe everyone and we hope too see you soon.