JUNE 2019 – New legal ruling which affects us all from May 2019 – as employers we have a legal duty to itemize everything on all payslips.

Immediate changes to all time-sheet reporting, temporary holidays and hours being given with an order.

Bookings – we need to know hours per day or night shift. Overtime must be shown separate.

Holiday Pay – both parties are responsible for ensuring all temporary workers take the relevant time off from working, under the Working Time Directive. This must be demonstrated with a holiday request form, which we add the system, which will then itemize separately on their payslip. Holidays are not allowed to be rolled up with the rate of pay.

Time-sheets and Hours worked – ideally our standard or master time-sheet must be used, however some clients wish to email the hours through, however stating 40 hours Monday to Friday will not suffice, we need hours per day and breaks shown.

Please liaise with your consultant if you have any questions.