You only get one chance to make a good first impression! 

Use the following tips to help you land your dream job!!

Top 10 Interview Do’s & Dont’s:

  • Do – Be on time!!
  • Do – Arrive alone to your interview – You will be surprised how many people take relatives and friends.
  • Do  – your research – An employer will love someone as passionate about their company as they are.
  • Don’t  – Take carrier bags – A smart business folder or handbag gives the best look.
  • Do – Keep focused – Less chance of you freezing up, and even worse yawning.
  • Do – Dress and bearing – Dress to impress!  You can’t go wrong with a smart dress code for any interview.  And make sure your shoes are clean!!
  • Do – Be prepared with any questions you may have
  • Don’t – Throw anybody or company under the bus – this could make you sound bitter and hard work to a prospective employer.
  • Don’t – Stretch the truth – It’s true that the truth will always come out in the end.
  • Do – Smile!!

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