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Get ahead of the inevitable Employment Law Legislation Changes which will happen around April time.

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We have included a short list below of topics mentioned by the government, although there are another 50.

Following the Taylor Review on Modern Working Practices, the government has proposed changes to employment law. The following changes will take effect from April 2020:

·         The right to a basic written contract will take effect from day 1 of employment, for workers as well as employees;

·         The period for calculating an average week’s pay will increase from 12 to 52 weeks;

·         All agency workers will have the right to receive the same pay and basic employment terms (with comparable employees) after 12 weeks, even those employed directly by employment agencies.

There are also proposals with no timescale for implementation yet, including:

·         A right for a zero hours contract worker to request a more stable contract after 6 months;

·         Legislation to clarify the employment status tests so it is clearer whether individuals are employees, workers or self-employed;

·         Increasing the period which can break continuity of employment from 1 week to 4, to make it easier for casual staff to acquire certain employment rights such as unfair dismissal;

·         Banning companies from making deductions from tips.

We are pretty sure you will be fully in the loop about these changes, however we are more than happy to discuss or if you would like to contact Amanda Modev at Stallard Kane Associates and mention Bennett Staff.