To all job seekers out there.

We feel your frustration of being out of work and wanting to find a job straight away.

However us recruiters see many candidates come and go, some let us down and most do an excellent job and get taken on. Some have worked for us for many years.

But to get that job you must first complete lots of paperwork and tests.

Gone are the days when you could walk into a job with minimal information being given. However our procedures are in place for many reasons, they work, they are tried and tested, we are accredited by the Recruitment and Employment confederation. The Home Office have very strict rulings on what we need to obtain to place people in work, this is not just us as an agency its for every company employing staff.

Ask yourself this question and put yourself in the clients shoes: If you were paying an agency to find you a candidate would you want the assurance that the candidate has been tested, id checked, reference checked etc. After all you might not be who you say you are, or have the skills to match the jobs. It’s all about QUALITY, TRUST AND CONFIDENCE.

Here are Bennett Staff we ask you to complete all the relevant paperwork, sit down and complete typing sample, or attention to detail assessment test. This way we up hold our standard and provide the client with a first class service.

No one likes tests including us, we aren’t going to tell you off for not passing, we are here to help you find a job. This is why we have been placing people into work for over 60 years. Majority of us have been in recruitment for over 20+ years, we must be doing something right. Our goal and vision is to be the best agency in the North West and get job satisfaction for a job well done.

Upon registration which is only a short 45 mins or so, we get to know you as a candidate, what your likes or dislikes are, what you are looking for in a job, advise you on what we can offer you. All we ask is a little of your time, flexibility, reliability and the ability to do a good job at our clients premises.

After all temping with Bennett Staff often leads to ongoing permanent work, with reputable clients. The benefits are weekly pay, plus holiday pay accrual where you can take time off with pay, plus auto-enrolment pension scheme which is we the agency top up your contribution by 3%.

Good hey? On that note if you are looking for work or know someone out of work then tell them to get in touch with the North West’s Multi Award winning recruitment agency right here in Tameside.

Thank you for reading.

Regards Claire